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Subic Enerzone


On June 3, 2003, Subic Enerzone was incorporated as a joint venture owned by a consortium including Davao Light, AEV, and SFELAPCO, among others, to undertake management and operation of the SBFZ power distribution utility. 

Subic Enerzone serves a total of 3,403 customers, consisting of 107 industrial locators, 1,298 commercial locators, 1,901 residential customers, 97 streetlights and 24 industrial locators under RES. 

Subic Enerzone’s total systems loss as of year-end 2022 was 3.5%. This included a feeder loss of 2.48%, which is below the government-mandated feeder loss cap in 2022 of 5.50%. 

As of February 28, 2023, AboitizPower owned, directly and indirectly through Davao Light, a 99.98% equity interest in Subic Enerzone. 

Customer Services
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